Saturday, 7 July 2007

Trees & Carbon

Humans have a problem. We have too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and every day another 70 million tonnes goes up there.
There are many ways that we can address this problem but they all reduce to 2 things.

Stop the stuff getting up there.
Withdraw the stuff that’s up there already.

Trees absorb atmospheric carbon using only natural processes and they have evolved over millions of years to become immensely powerful and efficient at doing this. So we have at hand a tool of awesome strength with which to address our problem. To me the most amazing thing is that we are hardly using this ally at all.

Our challenge here is to find ways to take advantage of the power of trees to do this job of removing carbon from the air. My hope is that this blog will become a forum for discussion on the subject of carbon offset forestry and I welcome input from all sides of the debate.


Gayathri said...

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Guy said...

This is all very interesting about trees and carbon for carbon offset. However, the real action is in soil carbon sequestration. We understand that My Clean Sky - - the air travel carbon offset emissions site is in the process of selling soil carbon credits to offset aviation emissions

Tree Lover said...

I love trees and feel they can really help fight our carbon problem. I came across a neat web site, that plants trees for people that don't have the land or the ability to plant them for themselves. Check it out and see what you think. I bought 20 trees through them and they sent me a nice certificate that I am hanging in my office.